Jewelry List Feron Estate
Jewlery List Feron Estate February 17th 2018 noon
J1 14k green tourmaline and pearl ring stones measure 11x11mm 8.6D
J2 Box of semi precious stones-citrine, diamonds, sapphires as lot
J3 18K yellow gold oval shaped 20x15mm lapis ring 6.1D LF
J4 18K yellow gold light salon color coral ring 9.6D
J5 14K yellow gold posted mabe pearl earrings
J6 18K yellow gold bone & cabochon amethyst, beaded starfish pin
J7 18K yellow wire light pink coral pin .10D
J8 14K yellow gold turquoise cabochon oval shaped ring
J9 14K yellow gold oval shaped red stone loose stone ring
J10 14K yellow gold jade hand carved pin
J11 14K yellow seed pearl stick pin .7D
J12 Silver ring with pearl and carved stone
J13 18K yellow mens lapis oval shaped ring 8D
J14 18K yellow gold wire jade ring 8D
J15 18K yellow gold coral and pearl earrings VCA
J16 18K yellow gold yellow sapphire and diamond ring with 2 minor cut daimonds appx weight .20 pts each
J17 18K yellow gold emerald and sapphire ring 8D LF
J18 18K yellow gold European backs earrings 5.5D
J19 18K yellow gold cabochon ruby and melee citrine ring - oval shaped ruby 12x9mm 8.5D
J20 18K yellow gold turquoise earrings bezel set LF
J21 18K yellow gold cushion cut garnet rign 21x14.5mm 6D
J22 Tin box full of findings and scrap -some gold-18k stamp
J23 14K yellow gold turquoise ring 6D
J24 18K yellow gold oval shaped citrine & diamond ring. One diamond on each side of citriene .9 pts each, 4D
J25 18K yellow gold topaz & diamond ring w/minor cut diamond on each size of topaz
J26 not assigned
J27 not assigned
J28 not assigned
J29 14K yellow gold cabochon turquoise earrings, bezel set 16x11.5mm, 2D
J30 Pewter pill box with cloisonne enamel
J31 Silver scrap lot
J32 18K yellow gold cabochon emerald ring 4mm 5.6D LF
J33 14K soap stone cameo pin
J34 16K yellow gold dental gold 5.3D
J35 22K yellow gold angel 6.D
J36 18K white gold starfish earrings 7mm cultured pearl surrounded by peridot stones, European backs 14.8 D LF
J37 Box of misc beads, earrings and scrap as lot
J38 18K yellow gold wing, European backs 11.8D
J39 not assigned
J40 18K yellow gold Leo pendant 2.4 D
J41 Louis Feron's Smock, Picture and calling cards lot
J42 Lot of gold leaf
J43 Sterling silver solder sheets 51.8D
J44 Pearl stick pin
J45 Pearl bar pin
J46 18K screw back non-pierced turquoise earrings, 8mm
J47 14K &18K yellow gold solder sheets 24.6D
J48 Sterling Silver solder sheets 41.2D
J49 Sterling silver stock
J50 Sterling silver solder sheets 50.D
J51 Sterling silver medium heat solder sheets 37.6D
J52 14K gold scrap findings 32 D
J53 22K yellow gold wire stock 10.7D
J54 18K yellow gold wedding band
J55 Sterling silver scrap
J56 18K gold scrap 44.4D
J57 14K gold bench dust
J58 Platinum flat stock
J59 not assigned
J60 18K mens and ladies cufflinks
J61 Ladys' Tissot wristwatch
J62 Men's 14K yellow gold cabochon turquoise ring 8.5D
J63 14K yellow gold, large shell tie tack 2.5D
J64 14K yellow gold, small shell tie tack 2.1D
J65 18K yellow gold plain cufflinks, 8.8D
J66 18K yellow gold jade earrings 3.8D
J67 18K yellow gold enamel turtle pin 7.0D
J68 18K yellow gold turquois ring
J69 18K yellow gold cabochon turquoise and diamond ring 5.1D
J70 Sterling silver black oxide Tanzanite and diamond ring LF
J71 14K gold emerald and diamond ring 5.5D
J72 18K yellow gold Schlumberger Tiffany white enamel ring
J73 18K yellow gold pearl and salmon color ring 7.0D
J74 18K yellow gold Schlumberger-Tiffany & Co coral color enamel ring 6.5D
J75 18K yellow gold plain earrings 2.5D
J76 18K yellow gold cufflinks 8.8D
J77 18K yellow gold Schlumberger-Tiffany & Co black onyx enamel cufflinks 6.0D
J78 18K yellow gold shirt studs
J79 18K Ball cufflinks 4.5D
J80 18K lined ball cufflinks 10.1D
J81 Sterling silver twist cufflinks 6.4D
J82 18K and bone cufflinks
J83 18K yellow gold back rodium clip on earings and pin
J84 18K yellow gold cufflinks 6.1D
J85 18K yellow gold Cowboy Spurs earrings
J86 14K yellow gold men's and lady's earrings 6.2D
J87 18K yellow gold eagle earrings with pearl 7.5D
J88 2, 18K yellow gold starfish tie tacks 5.2D
J89 18K yellow gold sea urchin style earrings
J90 18K yellow gold Tiffany & Co enamel cufflinks 8.9D
J91 18K yellow gold pyramid earrings 2.5D
J92 18K yellow gold enamel earrings 13.8D
J93 Ruby earrings
J94 Frosted color quartz cufflinks
J95 14K floral earrings
J96 14K yellow gold large pyramid earrings 5.7D
J97 gold ball cufflinks
J98 18K yellow gold lapis cufflinks 9.2D
J99 10K yellow gold club pins 19.2D
J100 14K oxidized cufflinks 8.8D
J101 14K yellow gold monogram oxidized cufflinks 7.6D LF
J102 18K yellow gold turquoise earrings 3.4D
J103 14K orbis oxidized cufflinks 4.7D
J104 14K bull and bear cufflinks 13.4D
J105 18K signed disc nativity medal 4.3D
J106 18K sword charm 1.5D
J107 18K emerald and starfish earrings 5.7D
J108 18K yellow gold Buddha with rubies perfume bottle 19.6D LF
J109 18K yellow gold leaf and diamond earrings, 9 diamonds in each ear 11.8D
J110 18K gold Tiffany-Schlumberger ring
J111 22K gold shell pill box Signed LF referenced in 1977 Currier Exhibition Catalog

Subject to errors and revision before auction date


All Items are sold as is, where is, with no guarantee or warranty of any kind. It is the BUYER's responsibility to inspect the items prior to bidding.We do not guarantee history, provenance, signatures, hall marks ,age and materials made of. We also do not give condition reports or estimates.
Full payment is required on the day of the sale. No item may be removed until full payment has been received.
No refunds given-No returns accepted.

~Items may appear Larger or Smaller than they actually are~
~Coloring may not be exact in photos~